With five years’ experience in the artists’ development and creative economy research and policy advocacy, CDEA has designed a joint-venture investment plan that makes the connection between creativity, urban development and tourism. The joint venture will be implemented by CDEA’s business arm, SanaaBiz Investments Limited.

The plan aims to leverage on Dar es Salaam’s creative, heritage and historic assets, to transform it into a creativity city and a tourism destination. The project code-named ‘Eco Sanaa Village’ aims at bringing together other complementary players and partners in the creativity, urban development and tourism sectors, into one co-working space.

The village built on green building principles will have an amphitheater seating for 5,000 people and cinema with seating capacity of 1000 people. The other significant value-added services will include eco-certified hotel cottages, retail shops (fashion/apparel, leather products jewelry from gemstones and gold, recycled glass products and eco-furniture), research lab (architectural, creative industries and cities) a supermarket, a rooftop spa and wellbeing restaurant, recording and production studios, design school and hub, a discotheque, exhibition and conference space, banking halls, ATM booths/Forex bureaus and office space and campsites in the green spaces .

The waterfront area will accommodate seafood restaurants, a fish market, sea crafts, beach-themed activities and eco-certified hotel cottages.

 The project will be implemented in four phases.
  1. Land Secured, Q 4, 2017
  2. Capital campaign, investor sourcing , closing deals – Q 4, 2017 – Q 2, 2020
  3. Start Construction /Broken Ground -Q 2, 2019
  4. Construction to be finalized/Site ready -Q 2, 2022

The Concept