The African Culture Fund  (ACF) is a pan-African organization officially registered in the Republic of Mali with which it has established a headquarters agreement. It aims to support the sectors of arts education and cultural and creative industries of African countries and the African diaspora. ACF has supported CDEA with a grant to promote Market Access for Decorative Visual Arts from East Africa through SanaaBiz App and Portal. The grant enhance the work of CDEA’s Creative Economy Incubator.

The Embassy of Switzerland in Dar es Salaam is supporting CDEA to implement its S.M.ART Green City: Waste Management in Dar es Salaam through Recycled Art Initiative. 50 community members from Ilala and Temeke municipalities will be trained to turn their trash into  interior décor and functional visual arts  eco products that can be marketed on CDEA’s SanaaBiz portal and App on a profit-share arrangement.

Hivos is a development aid organization, headquartered in The Netherlands. Hivos provides financial support to organizations working in Africa, Latin America and Asia, it provides advocacy and it supports knowledge sharing in particular in the field of social change, digital activism and rural innovations. The Resource for Open Minds (R.O.O.M.) provides funding for new audiovisual artworks and safe online/offline environments for makers. Its funding also supports research into the power of art and the creation of accelerator toolkits for creative hubs. Hivos enabled a knowledge exchange between Hive Colab (Kampala) and CDEA (Tanzania), that resulted in the development of an App to facilitate marketing of East African creative products and services.

The East African Community (EAC) Secretariat, the Regional Dialogue Committee and GIZ developed a joint initiative called the Incubator for Integration and Development in East Africa – IIDEA – as a tool for engaging citizens of the EAC Partners in the implementation of the EAC Common Market Protocol and showcase their real integration experiences. CDEA received funding from IIDEA to launch its creative economy incubator for fashion and accessories designers, filmmakers and musicians. CDEA designed the SanaaBiz portal to enable creative incubatees to market their products and services.