Santa Anzo, MD at Arapapa Fashion House, Chair for AGOA Association of  Uganda

Santa ANZO is the chief Fashion Designer & Managing Director of  Arapapa, an international Ugandan premium fashion brand and Chair for AGOA Association of Uganda. She also directs Arapapa Modelling Agency and, as well is the President of the Uganda International Fashion Week 2001 to date. “

Santa is prized as a woman entrepreneur who has distinguished herself through outstanding business performance and achievement at all levels. She has walked a path never walked before in Uganda, carving out a career for herself that has inspired thousands of youth who today are reaping big from her passion of fashion; through Arapapa,  the Uganda International Fashion Week


Ndesumbuka L. Merinyo, Chairperson  Tanzanian Fashion Designers Association

Ndesumbuka is a multi-dimentional artis and describes himself as a  writer, poet, wood carver and fashion designer.  He is currently the Artistic Director of Afrika Sana Ltd, a fashion retail outlet in Dar es salaam. He is also the Chairman Tanzania Fashion Designers Association,



Grace Matovolwa, Director, World of Weaving, Tanzania

Grace is a fashion designer and has done couple of fashion shows in 2008-2009 after winning a third position at the Redds Fashion Competition Dar es salaam in 2008.

For five years now, she has been a production manager and director at World of Weaving Tanzania. World of Weaving is a young handloom weaving company based in Mikocheni Dar es salaam, that aims at high quality handmade products using 100% cotton and other materials made from Tanzania.

Working with World of Weaving, Grace has an opportunity to work with different international weavers, textile and fashion designers from Belgium, Uk and Finland, attend local and international fairs.  She has done  research and established important findings about weaving materials and suppliers within the country and this improved her knowledge and skills in handloom weaving, weaving products and designing.


Johnvianney B. Ndyamukama, Senior Textile Specialist, Textile Development Unit (Tanzania)

Ndyamukama holds a Bachelor of Technology (Textiles) degree from the University of Madras in India and has a Master’s degree in Industrial Management from the Giobe Institute in Prato, Italy.

He has worked in Tanzania’s  textile industry in senior managerial positions since 1985. He is regularly consulted on issues concerning the textile and garment sub-sector in Tanzania. As one of the two founder members of the Textile Development Unit in the Ministry of Industry and Trade. His efforts have helped to revamp the sub-sector. He continues to play a critical role in developing the industry and promoting it beyond the country’s borders.