Sekela Nyange, Partner KusKus Jewels, Tanzania

Sekela Nyange is  the founder and designer of Kuskus Jewelry with limited knowledge in Jewelry making most of it has been acquired through online searches and polished by a long time Jewelry maker who offers tutorial services for anyone who is interested at a fee.

Kuskus was therefore formed solely from a hobby of making simple but unique bracelets, earrings and necklaces that created demand from mostly women and men of the working class.

She  holds a bachelor degree in Business Administration from Tumaini University majoring in Marketing. She has worked for 10 years mostly in ICT companies holding various roles before embarking on my personal journey.


Hasmain Sajan,  CEO, Tanzanite Experience, Tanzania

Hasnain Sajan is the founder of two very prominent companies in Tanzania – The Tanzanite Experience Limited and Gadgetronix.Net Limited. He is a highly accomplished executive in the business world with over five years’ experience in technological systems, security systems and renewable energy and over two years’ experience in the gemstone industry.

The Tanzanite Experience Limited was established in early 2015 as a platform for interested parties to gain an in depth knowledge on tanzanite – the story behind the stone – its discovery, history, mining process, the finer details of the cutting and polishing process as well as how the stone is graded.



Julda Makundi, Head of Marketing ,  Uru Diamonds, Tanzania

Julda  has  a 5-year experience in strategic planning, creative design and marketing around the areas of fashion, renewable energy and philanthropy has given me massive insight on the way global quality systems should be sustainable operated.

Her guiding principle in life is being resourceful. Through this, she has been able to push herself beyond the limits and to be more knowledgeable of the international best practice used in the businesses of which  have been engaged. She has been able to use her skills such as being an eloquent.


Nancy Joyce Bondo, Partner at Manyatta House of Accessories

Inspired by real women like my mother and grandmothers, who have influenced my personal style and love for accessories. I grew up having very twitching hands and making accessories just became the soothing remedy for them. I am a law graduate from Ruaha University College and hold a Post Graduate Diploma in Management of Foreign relations from the Center for Foreign Relations in Tanzania. I am also a practicing Advocate and started my own legal consulting company called Opmond Consulting back in 2015. My innate passion for jewelry and accessories design led me and my two best friends of more than 13 years who share the same passion, Antonia Kilama and Sakina Mbullo to partner up and start our accessories business, Manyatta House of Accessories, which is a Tanzanian accessories designing company which we run together. The name Manyatta is derived from the Masaai tribe and it means a boma or set of houses built by women.

Manyatta offers all types of handmade accessories that represent our brand well. This is one of the reasons why we will leave no stone unturned in garnering world class jewelry skills that will represent us well, as well as meet the curious demands of our clients. Our business goal is to become one of the leading Jewelry making and retailing business company in Tanzania and we will make sure that every product produce meets the demands of all our clients that is customers, authorities, etc.