In 2014, CDEA received funding from the Danish government through the now defunct Centre for Culture and Development –CKU to implement a project titled: Research in Culture and Creative Industries focusing on the Film and Music sub-sectors contribution to creative economy in Tanzania and EAC Common Market. 

One of the key products of the research project is a publication titled: Tanzania Film and Music Industries: Analysis of Industry-specific Framework Conditions Relevant for Growth and Investment.

The research findings of this study provided a key basis for CDEA to enter into a discussion with DANIDA to host this conference as a starting point to unlock the blockages that hinder growth and investment in the film and music sectors in Tanzania.

In November 2016, CDEA launched its Creative Economy Incubator to provide business and technical support to incubatees from Uganda and Tanzania in the fashion and accessories design, film and music industries. The choice to include fashion and accessories design, was informed by studies carried out in Kenya for the Textile and Fashion Sector, as well as opportunities such as the AfDB’s Fashionomics Initiative whose specific objectives are four-fold: (i) increase access to markets; (ii) increase access to finance; (iii) provide mentorship and networking opportunities; and (iv) develop the skills of the target group operating in the formal and informal sector. With Fashionomics, the AfDB assumes leadership in promoting investments in the fashion sector, increasing access to finance for entrepreneurs and incubating and accelerating start-ups. CDEA would like to play a pivotal role in this process.

The choice for selecting the four sectors of focus for this inaugural conference namely: Fashion and Design Accessories Design, Film and music, was based on their alignment to the investment priorities of the Government of Tanzania, which are: Broadcasting, Manufacturing, Mining and Tourism.