Sales Guide for Creative Entrepreneurs

Setting Up Your SanaaBiz profile

1.Create A SanaaBiz Profile
Sign up to create a SanaaBiz Profile page. Ensure up upload a beautiful picture that brings the best out of you. Remember the profile picture should abide by the ethical values and regulations of East African Member states.

2.Upload Your Content To Your Profile
Give each product a title. Ideally 8 product images is the optimal number. However this number may increase or decrease based on the physical features of your product.

3.Upload A Biography
Your biography  is important to your target market and fans.  It should not be more than 200 words.

4.Pictures and photos
The purpose of online product images is to showcase your products. This is why 80% of the image should include your product. The margins on all sides should be equal. A white background is a standard requirement for most products. The minimum pixels should be 1001and 7dpi. High definition images are more attractive, so ensure you maintain image quality for all products and every image.

Next – Promote your SanaaBiz profile using social media: Twitter, Instagram, Facebook and don’t forget Whatsapp broadcast messages!

Quick Reminder!

Build market by doing the following.

  1. Complete your SanaaBiz profile as described above
  2. Use Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to tell people about your SanaaBizprofile and sales content.
  3. Use your SanaaBiz vendor profile web address ( e.g. to direct people back to your SanaaBiz profile